Oven Cleaning Services

The first part of the process, is to talk through with you, what work appliances we will be working on, what the process will be, how long the work will take and any other aspects of the job that need consideration e.g. you may have thought about getting additional items cleaned following the initial booking.

What We Do

We will carefully prepare the area to be worked in and around, placing coverings on the floor and work tops to ensure they are protected. We will strip down the appliance to ensure we can get to all the areas that may harbor deleterious matter to produce the best possible results.

The various parts of the appliance and any additional kitchen items that you may want cleaned e.g. pyrex dishes etc, will be placed in our state of the art, double skinned tank, containing an Eco Friendly cleaning solution, which will remove all possible carbon and grease deposits and stains.

What We Clean

We can clean all the following kitchen appliances and accessories: Ovens, Ranges, Agas, Rayburns, Stanleys, Microwaves, Hobs (electric, ceramic and gas), Hob Spiders, Hob Discs, Control Knobs and Oven Shelves.

Interested? Get in Touch

If you are interested in getting your oven professionally cleaned then please contact us on 0141 123 4567 or 0131 123 4567, email us or simply fill out our enquiry form below.