Standard Boxes

Standard boxes are known for their great versatility, suitable for a wide range of products and applications.

Standard boxes are probably the most widely used corrugated packaging worldwide. Standard boxes are used for transportation of all kinds of products. They can be produced in many different dimensions to fit your exact transportation requirements. The filling process can be manual or mechanical.

Suitable for all industries, including e-commerce

Thanks to the enormous versatility in dimensions, strength and filling processes, standard boxes can be used in any sector. Looking for e-commerce packaging that can pack a wide variety of goods? Standard boxes could be the answer. Ask us about customised inserts for enhanced product stability.

Printed or Unprinted

Standard boxes can either be produced unprinted as a cost-efficient transport box, or with high-quality printing to enhance your brand or increase the unboxing experience.

Nexus Packaging
Nexus Packaging

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Ideal for e-commerce

Thanks to their versatility, standard boxes are ideal for e-commerce.

Printed Solutions

Transport packaging can be printed to enhance your brand and increase visibility.

Tailor-made Solutions

We produce tailor-made solutions for your specific transport need.

Safe Freight

Standard packaging brings your goods undamaged all the way to the buyer.

Multitude of Benefits

Standard boxes are probably the most versatile of all corrugated packaging solutions.

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